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Rebecca Clopath

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    29 August - 02 September 2024

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Enjoy a special kind of culinary encounter with natural chef Rebecca Clopath, including drinks and two overnight stays

Growing up in Lohn, Graubünden, Rebecca Clopath discovered her passion for cooking at the age of ten. With her "food perceptions", she gives her guests completely new sensory experiences, taking them on a journey through Graubünden. The menu is accompanied by stories so that the food is perceived with all the senses. Clopath's dishes are art on a plate.

Our event can be booked in two variations: 2 nights (first evening 4 courses from the Château kitchen / second evening alpine menu by Rebecca Clopath) or 2 nights (first evening alpine menu by Rebecca Clopath / second evening 4 courses from the Château kitchen). The offer includes wine accompaniment and farmer's breakfast.