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At the Château de Raymontpierre, we are surrounded by flora and fauna. Up here, far above the hills of the Swiss Jura, we enjoy the spectacle of nature that is offered to us every day. It is important to us to preserve and care for the nature around us. For this reason, sustainability is very important to us and is firmly anchored in our principles.

  • Our animals can graze in the wild and enjoy the fresh forest herbs along the heights. In the kitchen, we use everything, especially second cuts, to utilize the whole animal as much as possible.

  • Moonwood from our forest was used for most of the interior fittings. Cut during the waning full moon in January 2022 at Raimeux, the wood is denser and more robust due to the water bound inside, ensuring a delightful indoor climate.

  • The limestone used comes from a nearby quarry in the Jura.

  • The château, La Grange, the farmhouse and the hay drying plant are heated by a central, fully automated wood chip heating system using wood pellets from the farm's forest. It has an output of 100 kW, and the wood chip reservoir is 95 cubic meters.
  • We have a private drinking water source located two kilometres into the foothills of the Raimeux Mountains that supplies all the buildings. The new reservoir holds up to 150,000 litres of water; the annual average of the water source is 47 litres per minute.

  • The property is connected to a private sewage treatment plant that treats according to the sequential biological purification SBR.

  • The south-facing roof of La Grange is equipped with a 390 square meter solar system with a capacity of approximately 82 kWc, capable of generating 92,730 kWh of energy per year.

  • Numerous old materials were reused during the conversion. For example, roof tiles from the old barn were used to build three maiden barns, while masonry and floor slabs were shredded and used to fill the new barn.

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