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Culinary Art Retreat

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    24 - 27 July 2024

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Fun dining instead of fine dining!

As befits a château, all of our guests are seated at a large, long table - both inside and outside. The phenomenon behind this is called social dining, and the commercialized version of it is called a supper club. It's a way of meeting people you would never have met outside of this setting. The food is intended to create a sense of togetherness.

One group that has successfully mastered this phenomenon with its unique ideas and creations is "Herrlich Dining". The culinary studio collective was founded by Hannah Kleeberg in Berlin in 2022. Today, Herrlich Dining organizes events, workshops and retreats throughout Europe. The focus is always on fun, lightness and bringing together people who were previously strangers around long tables.

Dive into the world of enjoyment, especially with Herrlich Dining at the Château. In addition to shared cooking experiences, you will also learn more about the development of creative, seasonal, and regional recipes, how to bake the finest brioche, and how to skillfully present it. You will also immerse yourself in the world of "table styling" and discover the diversity of wild herbs.

- 3 overnight stays
- Table styling workshop
- Recipe development workshop
- Cooking sessions together
- Wild herbs workshop
- Brioche & Food Styling Workshop
- Aperitivo
- Farmer's breakfast

More information about the program

*This retreat will be held in German. There is a minimum number of participants for this retreat. If this number is not reached 60 days before the start, we reserve the right to cancel the retreat.