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The stable

  • Our barn is one of the most modern in Switzerland. Here, our animals not only experience freedom in abundance but also suckler cow farming that not only respects their natural needs but also has a positive impact on the environment. Surrounded by spacious free-range areas, our animals experience a paradise of movement and development. The herd grazes on lush pastures and enjoys the benefits of local, all-natural feed. From fresh grass to fragrant hay, we offer our animals a healthy and balanced diet that promotes their vitality and strengthens their connection to nature.
  • The hay is not packaged in plastic but is stored and dried traditionally in the barn as it used to be. How is this done? The waste heat from the sun in the barn rises and is transferred directly to the hay store. A fan, a dehumidifier, and a heat exchanger will also work here if required.

  • The straw on which the cows rest is cleaned, dried and reused regularly.

  • The barn has an area of around 1,400 square meters, a hayloft volume of more than 1,800 cubic meters and is designed for 40 suckler cows, 40 calves and 10 cattle.