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Forest & Game Retreat

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    10 - 13 October 2024

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Observe, understand & process wildlife

Wild and close to nature, from the tip of the nose to the tail. At our Forest & Game Retreat*, you will get to know the hunters' craft better and learn about their traditions. When it comes to meat, local game is the best thing you can do for nature and your body. The animals live in the wild and eat only natural food, without the use of artificial additives or antibiotics. With us you will get to know the forests anew and observe animals at dawn and dusk. Afterwards, you will be shown how to cut a whole deer or wild boar into individual parts. In between, you will learn lots of useful information about maturing and preparing meat and enjoy various culinary highlights. The program also includes the sausage-making of game meat and game roots, followed by a barbecue over an open fire.

You will be accompanied by Melitta Maradi, "qualified forest engineer ETH", hunter and managing director of "Wildtier Schweiz". When she is not in the Jura, she gives various forest courses for private and business clients. Melitta is also involved in hunting dog work and goes tracking with four-legged friends and their owners.

The program for the Forest & Game Retreat depends on the weather. There may therefore be slight changes to the program. We recommend warm and rainproof clothing for our participants. You will spend a lot of time outdoors.

- 3 overnight stays
- Farmer's breakfast
- Light lunch buffets
- Aperitivo
- Communal dinners
- Joint barbecue evenings
- Searching, finding & digging wild roots
- Animal observations (dawn & dusk)
- Cutting deer into ready-to-cook pieces
- Sausage game meat

*This retreat is conducted in German. There is a minimum number of participants for the retreat. If this number is not reached 60 days before the start, we reserve the right to cancel the retreat.