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Plastic Neutral

Thanks to a cooperation with CleanHub, The Living Circle is "plastic neutral." The hotels have systematically reduced single-use plastic. Where it is not substitutable, the single-use plastic is compensated through the cooperation with CleanHub.

Our five-star hotels Storchen Zurich, Widder Hotel, Alex Lake Zurich and the Castello del Sole, go one step further in environmental protection. In the guest area, disposable plastic material has been replaced for the most part by high-quality and sustainable alternatives. Some of the remaining stock is still being used up. The hotels are working closely with suppliers to find innovative products and substitute plastic as a packaging material. At the hotels, all plastic waste is collected and weighed before being handed over to a specialized company for recycling. The non-recyclable and non-substitutable plastic waste is completely neutralized by The Living Circle in collaboration with CleanHub.

Prevention against polluted oceans

CleanHub is committed to collecting and recycling plastic in polluted coastal regions of the world. With global partners, CleanHub prevents plastic from ending up in the ocean in the first place. The collected plastic waste is given to local organizations for recycling. The non-recyclable portion is screened and used in "co-processing" to produce cement.

The Living Circle supports the CleanHub project "No Trash Coral Triangle" off the coast of North Sulawesi in Indonesia. Thanks to The Living Circle's commitment, more than 10,000 kilograms of plastic waste have already been collected from beaches and the immediate region off the Coral Triangle, arguably one of Indonesia's best known coral reefs and most worthy of protection. The collection of plastic waste creates fair-paying local jobs. Furthermore, CleanHub ensures sustainable development and promotion of the local population.

The live tracking and more information about the collaboration is available here.